"I was 10st 7lbs when I started my journey. I'm on week 7 or 8 now and am now 9st 11lbs. Feeling stronger and healthier. I feel like I have more energy which is great considering I am a sleep deprived mum of a 10 month old. I have also dropped a jean size and am now back into my pre-baby jeans. My next goal is to go one step further and try to get down to size 10!"

Mum of 1


Gail was a new mum who was looking for support to gain her confidence back after having her son.  She worked back to the body shape she was happy with whilst dropping weight and becoming stronger

Mum of 1


Matt and Pam are a married couple who trained together in the studio.  They both have two young children and were looking to generally improve their heath and reduce body weight.

Pam wanted to increase her confidence after giving birth and Matt wanted to regain the physique he had lost due to a busy and stressful life.

They lost in excess of 29 pounds and continue to do well!

Matt and Pam
Parents of 2


Immy is a father of 3 who wanted to improve his body shape whilst dropping body fat.

He felt uncomfortable with his current condition and at the age of 36 knew it was time to make change.

He has since lost over 1 stone in body weight and continues to train with me in my studio

Father of 3


This bride to be and mother of 2 wanted to reduce body fat so that she could feel great in her wedding dress.

She had a fitting but did not feel comfortable and identified that she wanted to reduce body fat around her back area.

She lost 7 pounds and improved the shape of her body to reach her goals.

Mother of 2


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