Why i want to create a community.

What do you think of when i say community?

About 4 years ago (could be more or less, it's a period of my life i don't dwell on) i found myself in a place that could so easily happen to anyone else.

My partner at the time was unfaithful. Our 6 year relationship (including bringing up 2 children) came to an end.

This all happened at a time when i was trying to run a business and bring up my two beautiful girls. The stress was already at an all time high and the breakdown just added to that.

Looking back i was glad of the split but what hurt the most is knowing i would never wake up with my girls every morning like we had done for 6 years previous. That hurt like hell!

Subsequently i found myself at a point where i was declared bankrupt, lost my house and soon became homeless (if it wasn't for my parents i'm not sure where i would be).

I had no money, no kids and no sense of direction.

I not only felt lost but i felt like i had let my kids down (something which still brings tears to my eyes writing this now). I couldn't even buy them ice cream at the park!

At this point it would have been so easy to accept defeat, to turn to alcohol or drugs and to just spiral into despair.

However, i knew that if i was going to move forward i had to look after both my mental and physical health, besides i'm not the type of person to give up, damn that torpedo full steam ahead!

I started reading books and articles that focused on mindset and positive thinking and i spent many hours in the gym. I saw this as a challenge. The only person that had my back was me and if i was going to get back on top i needed to back myself!

I probably got in the best shape of my life and my mindset improved.

I changed as a result, i became a stronger person.

That is the reason i want to create a community. A community of heroes, ordinary parents who don't accept where they are and want to improve.

A community of belonging and understanding because i know the difficulties!

A community not only built on improving health but also improving our mindset to deal with life and the challenges it puts our way.

To this day i am not perfect, i am still learning and improving on a daily basis.

I want you to improve too. Join me, become part of the community and let's create heroes together!


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