Where do you start with Fat Loss in January?

It's January and "the new year, new me" posts are everywhere.

I still find it ironic that the majority of us start our new year hungover and feeling crap!

For me it was a quiet evening with my partner and a new year walk followed by steak pie for dinner.

I had no intention of waking up with a hangover, instead I wanted to feel productive.

Hey, that's not me having a dig if you did enjoy a drink or three, I merely had no real plans but if a party came a knocking it could have been a different story!

Seriously though January is a time when most people have the blues but is also a great opportunity to set the tine for the remainder of your year.

When it comes to fat loss many of you will be looking for the quickest solution which is usually a detox diet, shred programme or something revolving around a strict diet.

My question is, are you ready for it and do you actually need it?

I'm a great believer in the basics and when it comes to successful fat loss we always want to make the smallest change for the biggest impact.

Why would you want to restrict or ban foods? Why would you want to live off shakes?

It really isn't needed.

You can get the results that you want by eating a wide variety of foods you enjoy and without spending hours of your life in the gym.

A restrictive diet will only last so long before you give up and feel like you have failed.

A long term plan will get you the results and still let you have a life so here are my suggestions for a productive January:

- set a daily step target of 15,000 and hit it no matter what

- eat a palm sized portion of protein with every meal

- have one portion of fruit and vegetables with every meal

- drink 2-3 litres of water each day

Follow these steps and you will feel healthier. Yes it doesn't seem like a lot but remember we want to start of small and build from their. If you can't hit a daily step goal then how are you going to manage more advanced training sessions?

It's not about how much you can do, it's about training smart.

There will always be "shiny" programmes out there promising you the world but all said and done it is the simplest changes that will help you stay on track longer.

Health isn't just for January, it's for life!

I hope you have found this useful, if you have I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me on my social channels and let me know how you are getting on this January.



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