Is it your fault you're fat or does society play a role?

Some of you may have read the news reports today suggesting that food labels should start containing information about how much exercise is required to burn of the calories of certain foods.

Is this is a good idea?

On the face if it i can see what they are trying to achieve by making people like us more aware of the calorie content of foods and in all honesty i also aim to teach my clients about calories but i can't help feeling that this latest step is to make people feel guilty about food choices and will do nothing more than to demonise food even further.

Let's face it, we all know which foods are healthy and which are not. We're not a stupid species.

So in that respect we don't need a series of negative information on food labels because that will only serve to perpetuate the issue even further.

The real focus should be on addressing the real reasons why the nations diet is so poor and in my opinion it boils down to social hierarchies and income.

Do all the work you want to do on food labels but if the poorest in society can't afford that food anyway then what's the point?

I truly believe that if people had more income and were happier in general they would make better food choices, i really do.

We have to view diet in a wider socioeconomic way.

Diet is not solely the individuals responsibility. It is affected by environment, stress and income to name but a few not solely because people choose not to exercise!

Like many issues this needs to start from an education level not demonisation.

If you make people feel worse about their health do you think this is going to motivate or demotivate them?

Yes this post has taken a slight political turn but i feel that's the real reason for the downward spiral of health in general.

Teach people how to create healthier habits, empower them to have control but don't perpetuate the issue further by increasing feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

Calories are important, but let's not be naive and assume that a number on a food label is going to solve the longstanding and increasing issues of the nations health.


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