Baby weight to confident Mum

How did this mum find her confidence again after giving birth to her first child?

Having a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can have and for Sharon it was the birth of her first child.

Having given birth most new mums feel a sense of overwhelm as they have put on extra weight and have undergone a lot of pressure carrying a baby for 9 months.

Sharon was no different and when she got in touch to join my mums group she already had a good idea of what she wanted to achieve.

Sharon wanted to drop the baby weight and her dream goal was to get back into her size 10 jeans.

She also identified that her upper body was lacking in strength and after birth she found getting up from the floor difficult.

These goals gave us direction and we implemented the following:

- we set up a calorie goal which supported Sharon to reach her bodyweight goals

- we created a weight training plan which would help Sharon to build strength an develop the shape of her body

- we gave extra focus to Sharon's upper body specifically her shoulders

These goals were personalised to Sharon and what she wanted to achieve.

Were we successful?

I'll let Sharon tell you in her own words:

"I was 10st 7lbs and size 14 when I first started working with Ryan. I had never lifted weights before. I wanted to lose the last stone of baby weight I was struggling to lose. Ryan helped me tailor a programme to suit my individual needs and after 14 weeks of training I have lost 17lbs. I am now into size 10 clothes and feel stronger and have more energy. I never thought I'd hear myself say I enjoyed going to the gym let alone lifting weights"

Sharon followed the plan brilliantly and continues to do so weekly with me in the studio.

She allowed herself to have a balanced life but she also realised that if she wanted to reach her goals then she needed to take accountability for her own actions.

As a result she is now lighter than she was before she had her baby.

Change takes time especially after the natural process of birth and recovery.

Sharon appreciated this and as a result she has smashed her personal goals and is now a more leaner, stronger and confident individual.

If you are a mum and have your own personal goals join my mums training slots and start on your own journey to success.

Let me help you save time and show you exactly what you need to do.

Reach out and let's have a chat.



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