Are you more committed to where you are or where you want to be?

It amazes me when people complain about where they are in life, whether financially, work wise, health wise or education wise.

I primarily work in the health arena, because that's my job and that's what i do. Health in itself to me means physical and mental, it's not only a feeling but a state of mind.

Many of you struggle with change because you are more committed to where you are now instead of being committed to where you want to be.

I hear so many people complain about their health, their mindset and the way they look.

So what do they do?

They do all the same stuff that makes them feel this way.

They spend their weekends "on the lash" and then post about it like it's some kind of achievement. They fill their face with food that their bodies don't need.

When it comes to Monday they complain about feeling crap and not having any energy.

You need to realise that if you want to change where you are then you NEED TO BE COMMITTED TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE and I'm sorry but that may mean spending less time consuming alcohol and actually working on yourself.

Now, before anyone else says it, I'm not perfect. I'm not where I want to be but I work on improving that every single day. I want my life to improve and that's the difference!

If you want to improve in any area of life you need to invest. That may be your time or your money.

Stop waiting for someone to rock up to your front door with the answers because chances are you know what's going wrong and how to fix it.

If that means spending money then do it. If it means spending less time socialising and more time on you then do it. If it means looking for a new job then do it.

Stop playing the victim and take responsibility for where you are now.

If you are happy with where you are then great! If not then you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be both physically and mentally.

If I can help you gain some clarity on your own individual goals then please reach out and let me know.

Have a fantastic week!



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