The Parent Project is run by Sheena West and Sarah de Marcos, providing practical parenting advice through relaxed and friendly workshops.

Sheena and Sarah are experienced and accredited trainers who have supported hundreds of families and currently also work within schools. They are both parents themselves and share their own parenting anecdotes bringing real life experience and humour to their presentations.

“I was a bit nervous about coming but Sarah & Sheena are so lovely and immediately made me feel more confident as a parent. I am so glad that I did this and I think all parents should do it. I am going to spread the word. Thank you, thank you!”

“It reminded me of things I really ought to know and practice but had forgotten or become too worn out to keep trying.””

All workshops are small in size and the aim is to help parents feel more confident and empowered.

To book a place on a workshop or make an enquiry please contact or call 07554 527131.

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We are accredited facilitators of the international award winning 'Triple P' Positive Parenting Programme and are members of Parenting UK. We work to the National Occupational Standards in parenting.

Parenting UK


All workshops can be delivered within a school setting allowing schools to offer practical support to meet the needs of their parents'.

"If I had my child to raise over again, I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less. I'd do less correcting, and more connecting. I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes. I would care to know less, and know to care more. I'd take more hikes and fly more kites. I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play. I'd run through more fields, and gaze at more stars. I'd do more hugging, and less tugging. I would be firm less often, and affirm much more. I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later. I'd teach less about the love of power, and more about the power of love. "

Diana Loomans, Poet

About us…

By Sarah de Marcos

2 July 2016

We understand that parenting can be wonderfully rewarding but also immensely challenging at times, and as Family Consultants working in Hampshire Schools, we want to share our experience to support all parents.

Sarah and Sheena

Maybe you are worn down by daily battles with your child, or perhaps you are finding you and your partner have differing parenting styles.  You may have concerns that your child is exhibiting strong emotions that you are struggling to understand, or have a teen that you don’t know how to communicate with.  Whatever the parenting need, we are here to help!

Take a look at our workshops listed below, or drop us an email to find out how we can help you with everyday parenting conundrums or specific problems.

Sarah & Sheena

The Parent Project


By Sarah de Marcos

1 June 2016

How to support children who struggle with anxiety. For parents of any age child.


anxious emocon

Some children find that change, uncertainty or progress makes them feel very worried and anxious.

These anxieties can express themselves in many different ways and can sometime leave parents wondering what to do in order to help them. In addition parents can experience their own strong emotions in reaction to their child’s anxiety.

Workshop objectives:

  • Provide information about why children become anxious.
  • Give some very practical tips and strategies for reducing your child’s level of anxiety.

“This workshop was really helpful to me and I have left feeling so positive.  I have learnt lots about myself and how I respond to my child” Mr S

“It was brilliant meeting with other parents and hearing that I was not alone” Mrs A

Next date to be announced. Please email us at to register an interest.

9.30 am – 12.30 pm

The Alton Maltings Centre, Avenue Close, Alton, Hampshire

Cost: £45 pp (includes tea/coffee and copy of presentation)


By Sarah de Marcos

28 April 2016

For all parents of teens (suitable from year 6 upwards)



Most parents would agree that the teenage years present challenges for all and at The Parent Project, we recognise that parenting a teenager is not only demanding but sometimes isolating.

During the morning, we will share experience of working with teenagers and also being parents who have survived the teenage years!

You will be assured of a warm and supportive environment without being judged.  So why not come along, meet other parents ‘in the same boat’, and learn lots of strategies to help understand your teen!


  • Identify factors that play a role in your teenager’s behaviour
  • How to talk to teens so they listen!
  • Learn how to remain calm when emotions run high
  • How you can help your teenager become more independent
  • How to manage risk taking behaviours

ALL ABOUT ANGER: for all ages

By Sarah de Marcos

14 March 2016

angry boy

This morning information session is designed to help you understand your child’s anger, and how to help them to manage this strong and sometimes frightening emotion. We will discuss how we can encourage our children to recognise their own triggers and feelings and will share practical strategies that may help on a day to day basis…

Workshop objectives:

  • to increase understanding of the emotion of anger
  • to recognise triggers
  • to help support our children in recognising physiological responses when angry
  • to help support our children in responding to their feelings
  • to learn practical strategies for calming down and managing emotions

Register an interest at:

Family Consultants

By Sheena West

2 January 2016

Family Consultants

How family consultancy or coaching might help you.

When individuals and parents are dealing with difficult experiences, such as relationship breakdown or divorce, it is often hard to take stock and to know how best to help your children – and yourself. Family consultancy or coaching is a way in which you can take time to consider what is happening for you, how the situation might be from your child’s point of view and think about how best to manage a major transition that not only affects each of you and, if you are parents, may profoundly affect your child or children.

Family consultants can help you individually or together with the personal, emotional and practical issues surrounding a separation or divorce (such as gathering information to complete financial disclosure or practical issues relating to accommodation) or when issues arise regarding children and parenting separately. They can also provide links to a range of other professionals who can provide more specific advice and longer term support should you need it.


Family consultants work with you (individually or together) in a range of practical ways to help you and your children manage a difficult family transition. Many parents feel worried or guilty about the effect their own situation is having on their child. These and other emotions common to adults dealing with relationship breakdown or similar situations can prevent you from being able to parent effectively. Forming a new parenting relationship that is enduring and provides continuing security for your child is difficult to do and may feel impossible without some support. It can be reassuring to have some help in tackling how to build that new relationship and to reassure your child that you remain their parent even though family life will be arranged differently.

Having information that helps you to know what may help your child most, how to handle the situation you are dealing with and ways to be able to deal with what needs to happen practically and financially may help you all feel more confident with your situation. The faster you can re-build your confidence, the quicker you will be able to build your new family relationship in a way that will benefit each and both or you, your child or children.

Family Consultants work with individuals, former partners or parents and with other professionals – including solicitors, and sometimes directly with children. Most often, the information and support they provide for parents’ means that parents can deal with the situation directly, helping the children to understand that, despite what is happening between their parents, family life remains a priority- and that they can rely on their parents to make decisions about, for and with them – just as they have always done.

Family consultancy provides short-term guidance and support through a family transition. Family consultants can provide face-to-face support, support over the phone – or in a combination of ways that can be tailored to individual, joint or family needs.

Sarah de Marcos and Sheena West – Family Consultants (Accredited by Resolution)

1:1 phone consultations

By Sarah de Marcos

20 September 2015

 Telephone support for busy parents…

Our 1:1 telephone consultations take place at a time to suit you and provide bespoke support to help you feel empowered and inspired in your parenting.

Telephone coaching enables you to confidentially discuss specific problems with an experienced parent coach,  in the comfort of your own home.

We will agree a time to call you, initially we suggest a 1.5 hour session followed by a  further 60minute session(s) to allow for specific strategies and goals to be set and monitored.

Our parent coaches will support you throughout the process in a non-judgemental and caring manner.  Our aim is to build confidence in parenting and provide reassurance and guidance.

Priced at £60 for 1.5 hour initial consultation.

£45 for further 1 hour consultations.

*Pre-book three sessions for £125

To book or for further information please email us at

PARENTS APART:  2 part course for separated parents

New date to be announce

To enquire please contact us at:

This workshop, written by ‘Relate’ will give you information on the divorce/separation process, and how this can affect you and your children.  During the course we will look at how you can change things for the better.  The workshop is limited to 8 parents which ensures a supportive and welcoming environment.  You will receive a copy of the Parents Apart workbook to keep.children of divorce

Workshop objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the effect of separation on the child/children
  • Give options and ideas about how to change things for the better by improving communication skills and promoting workable solutions
  • Developing strong parent/child relationships after separation


This workshop has been so helpful in making me aware of how my children may be feeling and how to support them at this difficult time in our lives” Parent


Small group size.  There is no requirement to share personal information and you will be assured of a warm welcome and a chance to meet other parents.

* Ex-partners do not attend the same course.









By Sarah de Marcos

10 May 2015


For all parents of pre-teens (suggested from age 8 – 12 years).

Do you have a difficult pre-teen at home?  Perhaps you are worried about the years ahead?

We understand that being a parent of a pre-teen can be challenging.  It can be a time that they struggle with transitions such as moving schools, wanting to be more independent, not to mention hormones!

Come and meet other parents and learn ways to help you child navigate this time in their lives.

“Meeting with other parents  is a fantastic benefit in addition to all the advice on the workshop – thank you”

Workshop objectives:

  • Identify factors that play a role in your pre-teens behaviour
  • How to improve communication
  • Learn how to deal calmly with your pre-teens emotional behaviour
  • How to help your pre-teen become independent

You will be assured of a relaxed and welcoming environment, where you won’t be judged and parents are all valued and respected.

WHO’S IN CHARGE? Primary age children

By Sarah de Marcos

14 March 2015

WHO’S IN CHARGE?  Well as parents’ we are of course….but are we?

cute kids

For parents of children aged 2 – 8 years approx.

During this morning workshop you will meet other parents in a safe and relaxing environment.  We will be looking at how to encourage appropriate behaviour and how to cope with tantrums, bedtime & homework battles and lots more!

“I have learnt strategies that are simple to use, but have made a big difference to our family – far fewer arguments”

Workshop objectives:

    • Meet other parents in a safe and welcoming envioronment and have fun!
    • Identify factors that may be influencing your child’s behaviour
    • Set goals for change in your child’s behaviour
    • How to encourage desirable behaviour and set realistic boundaries
    • Learn strategies for teaching your child new skills

Great feedback from you……..

By Sheena West

14 March 2015

We thought we would share some of the great feedback we received from parents that attended yesterday’s workshop, ‘The Trouble with Worry’:

“What helped you most today and what will you try?”

The workshop was really useful with lots of exercises to take way. It helped to normalise anxiety – Thanks!

Some of my Children’s anxieties could be alleviated if I alter my behaviour.

Really useful and some great tools for dealing with little worriers! Thank you

I found the ‘grounding techniques’ and will use them with my son to bring him to the ‘here and now’.

Very interesting morning, thank you!  I am aware now of being there but not needing to ‘fix’ things for my child.

I will take away the knowledge that I shouldn’t assume I know what my child is anxious about and sometimes should just listen.

Particularly useful in terms for identifying when anxiety occurs and why..

Such a great morning – really enjoyed meeting other parents and learning new strategies to help both myself and my child.  Thank you both 🙂